ITX-Tower II

The ITX-Tower II is our new generation of ITX compatible open chassis. With one of the smallest footprints on the market, the second iteration of our open tower can accommodate ATX power supplies, together with 360 radiators and graphic cards up to 365mm long. It comes with the radiator bracket, handle and PCI-e gen4 extension included. It’s all that you’ll need to complete any type of build you want in the small form factor space.

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Compatibility information:

  • Motherboard compatibility: ITX and D-ITX
  • PSU: ATX (up to 160mm long), SFX and SFX-L (Adapter bracket included)
  • GPU: Compatible with GPUs up to 365mm long. 3 slot mounting compatibility
  • The kit includes a radiator bracket that cam accommodate 240mm or 360mm radiator for either custom loop or an AIO cooler
  • Scratch resistant black powder coat paint
  • Two 2.5″ drives can be mounted on to the chassis
  • 16mm sleeved power button with white led is included with the chassis
  • PCI-e gen4 extension cable included

The Chassis


Here are the global dimensions of the chassis:

Width: 192mm X Depth: 173mm X Height: 400mm

Standout from the crowd!

Radiator Bracket

The radiator bracket which is included with the chassis can accommodate both 240mm and 360mm radiator. It can be moved in different positions depending on your radiator size. You can also place the bracket on either side of the chassis depending on your needs. The bracket is AIO cooler compatible or can be used for a custom loop. It also being attached with thumb screws for easier mount and dismount.

You can also order an additional bracket, if you want to do a custom loop setup, with two radiators on both sides of the chassis.

What is in the box?

  • ITX-Tower II chassis (Unassembled)
  • All the screws and standoffs to assemble the chassis
  • Sleeved power button 16mm with white led
  • Radiator bracket and handle
  • PCI-e gen4 extension cable by ADT-Link
  • Assembly instructions
  • Hex key and small stainless steel wrench

PCI-e gen4 Extension Cable included

Every kit contains PCI-e gen4 extension cable by ADT-Link

Build outside the box!

Price of the chassis: 200€

To make any other inquiry or order, please email us at: