ITX Tower

What is it?

This is an open chassis for Mini-ITX motherboards. The purpose of the design is to present the small form factor components, in a simple and elegant configuration. The finished assembly is designed to function as a demonstration computer without sacrificing performance potential. The tower consists of 2 main pieces of 4mm steel, which forms the main shape of the chassis. Everything is carefully laser cut, bent and finished to the highest possible production standards. The unique shape, small size and disclosure of your components will impress everyone!

Required Components

Motherboard: Mini-ITX only

Power supply: SFX power supply is required and there is also an option for SFX-L

Graphics card: The tower supports 2 and 2.7 slot cards up to 325 mm long

PCI-e Riser: 300mm long Riser cable, which should be 180 degrees

Storage: The tower has space for mounting two 2.5 ″ SSD hard drives

Additionally: 16 mm hole is provided for a start button of your choice

Necessary: Angle power cord for the PSU


H: 365mm / W: 192mm / L: 164mm

The size of the chassis compared to a 24″ monitor in a real environment

Made in Bulgaria

The chassis is made entirely in Bulgaria, as each detail is cut by lasers and folded into a press brake, then prepared for powder coating and currently available only in matte black finish. This color is very unique and called Black Sand. It is quite interesting because it is matte black with fine metallic particles.

What is in the box?

In the box you will find all the elements that make up the chassis, along with all the necessary fasteners, standoffs, and assembly instructions.

IMPORTANT! The kit does not include a PCI-E extension cable