Magnus II

The Magnus II will be perfect for your next custom water-cooled build. It has 2 x 360mm radiator capacity on both sides, with thickness up to 60mm. The back of the chassis has a lot of pump/res mounting options and you can easily build a dual loop setup. The chassis itself is made out mainly from 1.5mm steel, but the feet along with the supporting аnd vertical brackets, are all made out of 3mm steel. For weight reduction the back service cover and the top hat of the chassis are made out of 1.5mm aluminum. The total weight of the case once assembled out of the box is 4.5kg.

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Compatibility information:

  • Motherboards compatibility: ATX, E-ATX, MATX and ITX.
  • PSU: ATX compatible with no psu length restrictions
  • Unrestricted GPU length on the vertical mount (RISER CABLE NOT INCLUDED)
  • Both sides of the chassis can accommodate 360mm/240mm radiators up to 60mm in thickness. It is also 240mm/360mm AIO compatible.
  • A lot of pump/res mounting compatibility on the back of the case for custom loops. Depending on the pump/res combos, you can do a dual loop as well.
  • Scratch resistant black powder coat paint
  • Three 2.5″ drives bracket and two 3.5″ drives brackets.
  • 16mm sleeved power button with white led is included with the case.

The Chassis


Some global dimensions of the chassis:

W: 337mm x D: 282mm x H: 436mm

Standout from the crowd!

Radiator Compatibility:

  • If you use two 3.5″ drives, you will be limited to 40mm thick radiators on both sides
  • If you remove the drive brackets, then you can mount radiators up to 60mm thick
  • You can also mount the radiators on the outside and the fans on the inside. This way you have no radiator thickness restrictions.
  • You can also mount a 360mm or 240mm AIO on either convenient side.

Reservoir/pump reference options

The back of the chassis can accommodate a large variety of pump reservoir options. The mounting pattern can adopt:

  • One or two 120 pump reservoirs
  • One horizonal 240 pump reservoir or two vertical ones
  • Up to three EK D5 pumps revo for example
  • Many other options are available

Here are some reference images:

AIO Compatible

If you don’t want to go full custom loop, you can easily install a 360mm or even a 240mm AIO on either side of the Magnus II

What is in the box?

  • Magnus II chassis (Unassembled)
  • All the screws and standoffs to assemble the chassis
  • Sleeved power button
  • Assembly instructions
  • Hex key and small stainless steel wrench

Riser cable is NOT included!

Riser cable is not included with the chassis, that is why you will need to order it separately with the following specs:

90 degree riser cable which should be 20cm long

The vertical bracket is universal and should be able to accommodate every riser cable on the market. Bellow is a reference image of a 90 degree riser cable:

Build outside the box!

Price of the chassis: 180€

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